BEworks 2021 Choice Architecture Report

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Hand Holding Book 2-12021 is here, and there is no better time for us to raise the bar on our businesses and ourselves as leaders.  This optimistic sentiment is far from just tokenistic rhetoric. The world is changing. Renewable energy is on the rise. The public increasingly demands genuine corporate responsibility on matters of employee wellbeing and social inequity. And plenty of data tell us that looking beyond traditional notions of success is not only good for society – it can be excellent for business. 

The questions of how and why businesses should strive to go beyond are at the heart of our 2021 Choice Architecture Report, which is now live and can be accessed by pressing the orange button above.



Amidst the pages of our report, you will:

  • Find inspiring stories of industrial leaders who have enlisted the help of behavioral economics to bring genuine change to their organizations and stakeholders.

  • See the diversity of aspirations that can be turned into reality using BE - from an energy distributor looking to reduce its carbon footprint to a new child car seat company seeking to break through the marketing noise.

So, if you are curious about how to make the most of the ‘new normal’, achieve your sustainability and diversity goals, and maximize your growth in the midst of accelerating digital transformation – our 2021 Choice Architecture Report is the perfect read to go with your morning coffee (or tea; we don’t judge).

About BEworks

Our goal when we launched BEworks over a decade ago was the same as it is today: to serve as pioneers in the field of behavioral science. Founded by the field’s leading experts, Professors Dan Ariely and Nina Mažar, and CEO Kelly Peters, the firm distinguishes itself with its rigorous commitment to evidence-based insights and cutting-edge scientific methods. All of our practitioners are distinguished researchers, hold advanced graduate degrees in behavioral science, and have extensive experience in applying BE to complex strategic, marketing, operational, and policy challenges. Our portfolio is in finance, health, retail, energy, and anywhere else there is an opportunity to unlock consumer’s needs, motivate teams with purpose, and empower leaders to drive with aspiration. Our global management consulting practice, training academy, and research institute are headquartered in Toronto, Canada and support firms and government agencies in North America, LATAM, EU, and Japan.